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    Looking for additional dev team members

    Hi Sapphire, if you would like to know more about the game please email us at info@codenamereality.com
  2. We're designing a hyper-realistic environment fantasy game. Magicians, artisans, and mythological creatures tangling up in the Realm. Venture onward as a loyal protector, or dare to betray as you see fit. Create the reputation to precede you wherever you go. Lay waste to towns and found your own. Lead the escort through the forest, or watch him fall to his knees as his Last Breath leaves his lips. The actions you take have a direct effect on the world and the players within it. An impermanent Realm where cities can rise and fall, and where the dead stay dead. Looking for:- Sound designer:- Someone fully dedicated to the sound design elements of the game (not music). Must have experience with foley and have a passion for capturing and creating sounds. Technical sound designer:- To implement audio into the game, in a clever and efficient manner. We are also looking for additional creative designers to expand our design team. 2D and 3D artists and animators. Dedicated riggers, to streamline the animation process. Dedicated UI designer. CAD architectural designers/builders In addition to this we require programmers to join the team. Basic skills are required with further training provided.