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Differences between switch and variable



Hello everyone. I apologize right away that the screenshots were taken with the engine translated into my language, but I think everything is clear.
I wanted to find out what are the differences between "switch player" (I hope I translated it correctly) from "variable player"?
There's also a "Global switch" and a "Guild variable". I also don't understand their function (Although in their cases, by the names "Global" and "Guild", you can still understand their function).




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A switch is a value that can be turned Off or On, and then events can be triggered based on whether that Switch is set to on or off.


Variables store data in the forms of Strings (Text), Integers (Numbers), and Booleans (Same as switches)


These tools are there to allow you to store and then call certain data you want to track for players throughout their playtime.

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On 4/17/2023 at 1:14 PM, Castiel said:

@Aesthetic @AgoraphobicI made a save of passing the "training" through the "switch". Is it worth changing to a "variable" or will it go?


Depends on what you are wanting to do dictates what you need to use.   If you just need a simple True/False (Is the Training completed? Yes/no?) then a switch is all your need. If you are wanting to do multiple levels of training a variable might be what you will use vs multiple switches (depends).

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