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  1. Here is a little Video its the End Scene of Fallen Sky 1 of the last seconds we give a little information of Fallen Sky Online.
  2. Little Update, we have make a small Navigation about Bad Kreuznach. Important Places around Bad Kreuznach:
  3. Hello, Today is the time to finally confirm the work on Fallen Sky Online. Currently, the Vault Softworks team is working hard to get the online offshoot of Fallen Sky to work. (Falling Sky 1 will be available in early March) Currently we can say that we are still at the beginning of the development, but already have some settings to Present. Thanks to the team of the program "Intersect" we are able to provide Fallen Sky with an online version! About Fallen Sky Online: The game takes place in the vicinity of Bad Kreuznach and takes on the challenge to find the kidnapped children of the city again or from the steal the mercenaries. Furthermore we try to find out more about the anomaly spells which have a strong power. FSO takes place in the year 2120 after the great nuclear world war that brought civilization back to the deepest Middle Ages. Fight mutated creatures, monsters and evil gangs to free the world from the bondage of the atom! Behind the Scenes: In Fallen Sky, the player or the observer will be aware of what can happen if humanity is deprived of the comfort we currently have. In addition, one is encouraged to reflect on how desperately everyone struggles for his own or the group's survive, the tracks hate others for his peer fear of dying or losing his people .... Rage .... Rage rise from fear ... Progress: -> Mapping: 12% -> Scripting 20% -> Storyline 70% -> Equipment 41% -> Crafting Entitys 4% Thanks for visit this Thread ~The Vault Softworks Team Vault Softworks Germany LLC, Apolda (TH)
  4. I mean this, Mana and HP Plus for Equipment. Ive attach a example Picture.
  5. Hello, I have a little questions. How can I use Mana and HP Stats for Equipment? I mean a Amor gives a player extra HP and Mana points. How can I do this? Greetings M.Braun
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