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  1. La Última Guerra 2D

    Mundo Pokémon/Pokémon World

  2. La Última Guerra 2D

    The Last War 2D

    The idea of the game is based on pvp, would improve the staff and play with projectiles, but add that the spells are not the enemy target and kill fast .. The idea is to get the target to yourself and use speed, you invisibility, etc. unless you want to confuse or paralyze the enemy, there you have to put the target on the enemy. sorry for my bad English, but I am using a translator.
  3. La Última Guerra 2D

    Pre-Release The Last War 2D

  4. La Última Guerra 2D

    Zombies Online!

    Thank you all! Fixing the map will try to go slowly, because besides I have to do the streets, etc but fails before throwing Online maps much better
  5. La Última Guerra 2D

    Zombies Online!

    thanks man! I will try to upload the pictures well: P
  6. La Última Guerra 2D

    Zombies Online!

    And when the game ends in the Spanish version, with a friend who is a translator of games, goeth to English so that more people can try it: D
  7. La Última Guerra 2D

    Zombies Online!

    Thank you, if I said I would always be in my group maps, even not finished .. It's just a simple picture to see a bit of the game .. You'll upload more images When the game: D
  8. La Última Guerra 2D

    Zombies Online!

    (ESPAÑOL) Hola a todos! Hoy les traigo un proyecto que tenemos con unos amigos, y se trata de un juego de zombies D': Tiene una historia compleja la cual pondré mas adelante en el post! Sin mas que decir les mostrare imágenes y ademas les dejare el grupo oficial de nosotros (Mm0rpgames) Tenemos dos proyectos en funcionamiento (La Ultima Guerra y Zombies Online) Espero les guste! Y ademas después subiré un vídeo corto Grupo oficial! (INGLES) Hello everyone! Today I bring a project we have with some friends, and this is a zombie game D ': It has a complex history which will make later in the post! No more to say will show you pictures and also leave you the official group of us (Mm0rpgames) We have two projects in operation (the last war and Zombies Online) Hope you like it! And also later I'll upload a short video
  9. La Última Guerra 2D

    Error 11 Skywyre v10

    ( I have another problem when trying to save something out visual basic that I can not keep it, for something of this line. If GetForegroundWindow() = frmMain.hwnd Or GetForegroundWindow() = frmEditor_Events.hwnd Then Call CheckInputKeys ' Check which keys were pressed
  10. La Última Guerra 2D

    Error 11 Skywyre v10

    Call SendAnimation(mapnum, NPC(MapNpc(GetPlayerMap(victim)).NPC(MapNpcNum).num).Animation, GetPlayerX(victim), GetPlayerY(victim), TARGET_TYPE_PLAYER, victim) I found an error, error saying something 9
  11. La Última Guerra 2D

    Error 11 Skywyre v10

    Thanks man! I'll do that
  12. La Última Guerra 2D

    Error 11 Skywyre v10

    Hi people, I have a problem with Skywyre v10 .. And is that sometimes when someone steps on a trap, or is not passed. the Server bug and gives me this error. Sorry for my bad English
  13. La Última Guerra 2D

    Pokemon Engine

    I put the panel as administrator?