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  1. would be a good idea but I think the same as the others, that would make many people try to make a short game and that would sink an intersetc.
  2. Hemos vuelto con mucho pero mucho mas ganas! Lug se terminara el 2019!

  3. Part in English: Sorry for my english, I'm using google translator. The Last War 2D! Welcome to my medieval 2D mmorpg project. LuG has a quite original story, it is not the classic story of the chosen one, etc. In LuG's story, you are a peasant who went to the big city (Esberoth) to collect money and gain combat ability to save your parents from the claws of the Drakoria clan. But in the course of the story you have to choose a clan to join (Cross Warriors, Circle Wizards and Shadow Killers) In the clans that you join with different spells they learn and different weapons they use. It is a game with level 15 Maximum, but to rise to the maximum level you need many but many hours. Level up is slow, but once you go up to level 5 choose to choose a clan. And with a different combat style ... Every Saturday and Sunday we will open very good events! As an all-against-all event, events of killing a giant boss and another of PvP! The Warriors Will Have Spells (Buffs, Debuffs and Movement Speed) Magicians have spells (AoE, and Stuns) The Archers have spells (Invisibility, movement speed and Target) We will launch the Alpha version in a short time. What are you waiting for to join the group of Lug? Facebook group To donate you can do it with an idea, help us make this great game! Video of the game on Youtube! Parte en Español: ¡La Última Guerra 2D! Bienvenidos a mi proyecto mmorpg 2D medieval. LuG tiene una historia bastante original, no es la historia clásica del elegido, etc. En la historia de LuG, tu eres un campesino que se fue a la gran ciudad (Esberoth) para juntar plata y ganar habilidad de combate para salvar a tus padres de las garras del clan Drakoria. Pero en el transcurso de la historia tienes que elegir un clan para unirte (Guerreros Cruzados, Magos del Circulo y Asesinos de Sombras) En los clanes que te unes tienes diferentes hechizos que aprender y diferentes armas que usar. Es un juego con nivel 15 Maximo, pero para subir al nivel máximo necesitas muchas pero muchas horas. Subir de nivel es lento, pero una vez que subas al nivel 5 podrás elegir un clan. Y con ello un estilo de combate diferente... Todos los Sábados y Domingos abriremos eventos muy buenos! Como un evento de todos contra todos, eventos de matar a un boss gigante y otro de PvP! Los Guerreros Tendrán hechizos (Buffs, Debuffs y Velocidad de movimiento) Los Magos tendrán hechizos ( AoE, y de Stuns) Los Arqueros tendrán hechizos ( Invisibilidad, velocidad de movimiento y Target) Lanzaremos la versión Alpha dentro de poco tiempo. ¿Que estas esperando para unirte al grupo de Lug? Grupo de Facebook Para donar pueden hacerlo con ideame, ayúdanos a hacer este gran juego! Video del juego en Youtube!
  4. I'm not thinking anything :)

  5. The idea of the game is based on pvp, would improve the staff and play with projectiles, but add that the spells are not the enemy target and kill fast .. The idea is to get the target to yourself and use speed, you invisibility, etc. unless you want to confuse or paralyze the enemy, there you have to put the target on the enemy. sorry for my bad English, but I am using a translator.
  6. Thank you all! Fixing the map will try to go slowly, because besides I have to do the streets, etc but fails before throwing Online maps much better
  7. thanks man! I will try to upload the pictures well: P
  8. And when the game ends in the Spanish version, with a friend who is a translator of games, goeth to English so that more people can try it: D
  9. Thank you, if I said I would always be in my group maps, even not finished .. It's just a simple picture to see a bit of the game .. You'll upload more images When the game: D
  10. (ESPAÑOL) Hola a todos! Hoy les traigo un proyecto que tenemos con unos amigos, y se trata de un juego de zombies D': Tiene una historia compleja la cual pondré mas adelante en el post! Sin mas que decir les mostrare imágenes y ademas les dejare el grupo oficial de nosotros (Mm0rpgames) Tenemos dos proyectos en funcionamiento (La Ultima Guerra y Zombies Online) Espero les guste! Y ademas después subiré un vídeo corto Grupo oficial! (INGLES) Hello everyone! Today I bring a project we have with some friends, and this is a zombie game D ': It has a complex history which will make later in the post! No more to say will show you pictures and also leave you the official group of us (Mm0rpgames) We have two projects in operation (the last war and Zombies Online) Hope you like it! And also later I'll upload a short video
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