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The best IDE Addon EVER


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Edit: Do not ask why this is in white, i have no idea....

So I got this little combo counter on my IDE for when I program.
Every time I type a character the Combo counter goes up 1. If I stop typing for more than a second, it resets back to 0

If I hit 100, my IDE starts shaking and EXPLOSIVE EPIC CODING! WOOOAHHHHH!!!!!!



Plugin Name: Activate Power Mode


Every 10 combo points, the combo will shout out random messages including:

  • Handsome Dolan: Level Up!
  • Lookin' Good!
  • x1 Garlic_Bread Obtained
  • Work it girl!
  • Sexy +1
  • Charm +1
  • Charisma +1
  • Handsome +1

Of course I told it what messages to say. Someone has to tell my I'm sexy while programming!



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22 minutes ago, Gibier said:

I think the white is cause you did some cpoy and paste

makes sense i copied and pasted the phrases from my ide


19 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

Crest I will call you sexy while you program xD

-program- not programmer, -program-.


I am the sexiest program of them all


edit: i read that totally wrong.

I am a sexy programmer.

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