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Need Help Project Keira - VB.Net Programmer Required


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Howdy all,


I've been working on Project Keira since approximately January of this year, and it's come a long way. I can pixel it, I can program it and I can do everything else as is required. However the workload behind it is starting to build up and I could really do with a second pair of VB.Net hands on it.


The work is unpaid; I currently use Dropbox to access and sync the files at work, home, etc; I use Asana.com to track the project.


Project Keira is written from the ground up in VB.Net by myself with no engine and is a open-world simulation sandbox with minimal graphical support - it's mostly a top-down world map with pictures as descriptives. I believe there is a successful game on Steam alike to this style. The best description I can give you is the one posted in the OP of the below link.


Project Page

Current Website (Missing a landing site, just a forum at the moment



Quintessentially, I'm simply looking for a hand to pick at the current 106 outstanding tasks (Though, this does increase as the project advances).


As for as to why to work on this project... once it reaches a decent level, I believe it could attract a decent playerbase. It'd be nice to have somebody to enjoy that with, on the built-up level.

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