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Found 2 results

  1. Past few days with the influx of people coming here I've noticed the same questions over and over. Where do I get Visual Studio, where should I start, etc etc. So I'm making this thread to link to resources for everyone to start. This is for a windows PC. I will make a second post about Mac and Linux in a few days after I gather links for them. First is the Software. Be it @Damian666's Orion+ or the soon to be @jcsnider's and@Kibbelz's Intersect, you will need to download install Visual Studio. This is a free software developed and maintained by Microsoft. You are able to get the download for the most recent version here. I've also noticed people asking what language to start with. As there are many languages out there for you to choose from, I really only suggest two. I suggest C# as number one as it is what the main Game Engine this site is about is written in. You have many members here that will be able to help you out along the way of learning it as well. Second language is VB.NET. This is because of Orion+. Also you will have a great resource from this community with help just as you would with C#. Next are tutorials. Each and every person learns differently. For me it is easier to learn from going through the code reading it, then attempting to do it myself. For this I usually go through GitHub. That link to Github goes to C# open source games. To learn the basics I suggest using Dot Net Perls. It covers every basic think you will want to learn and many advanced things as well. Youtube Videos Where To Start with AGD? Hope this helps many of the newer people coming to this site.
  2. Howdy all, I've been working on Project Keira since approximately January of this year, and it's come a long way. I can pixel it, I can program it and I can do everything else as is required. However the workload behind it is starting to build up and I could really do with a second pair of VB.Net hands on it. The work is unpaid; I currently use Dropbox to access and sync the files at work, home, etc; I use Asana.com to track the project. Project Keira is written from the ground up in VB.Net by myself with no engine and is a open-world simulation sandbox with minimal graphical support - it's mostly a top-down world map with pictures as descriptives. I believe there is a successful game on Steam alike to this style. The best description I can give you is the one posted in the OP of the below link. Project Page Current Website (Missing a landing site, just a forum at the moment Twitter Quintessentially, I'm simply looking for a hand to pick at the current 106 outstanding tasks (Though, this does increase as the project advances). As for as to why to work on this project... once it reaches a decent level, I believe it could attract a decent playerbase. It'd be nice to have somebody to enjoy that with, on the built-up level.
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