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[WIP] / [ALPHA] - Raid on Valkoria


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Raid on Valkoria [WIP] [DEV] -  http://valkoria.ddns.net


**WARNING** Game contains content not suitable for children without consent of an adult (Drug referrences, maybe more later...., blood... the occasional junkie using the F word....)



Just in case anyone wants to toy around on the server while it's being developed....


Know this is EARLY alpha, and I would roll mage until warrior skills are added.


I also may take this down from time to time, it's literally just a development server for now... past few days has been 98% up-time though. No, we are not accepting staff right now... Yes, I am aware 90% of the assets are placeholders that came with the engine right now... No, I don't care... Thanks!


Updates are done at the LEAST every 3 days (usually daily).


Note that the webpage is temporary, but functions properly (looks like shit right now...)


Alpha 0.0.8 Screenshots:



Temporary Spawn Point



Angular Flame



Little damage, but the stun and light source is priceless.


Progress (0.0.8):


- Working on events to control zones by faction.


- A simple quest given by an NPC east of the spawn zone


- A small shop to buy some mage skills


- Just the starting town and first dungeon. Note that this progress spoiler will be updated as more is done with the server.


Story [WIP]:


    For years the factions have rivaled over the lush lands and vast resources of Valkoria. Not only do the main factions rival against each other, but the creatures and magic beings have formed bands and merely invade to destroy the various races who have appeared two centuries ago. Wanting only destruction, the native factions have no desire to build the zones and collect resources; they only want YOU gone!


    Take charge for your band; control the land and resources for your faction and craft the story for yourself.


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We both just spent another hour or two... couple editor crashes later we got some more done.. I'll send him a link on facebook to the forums.


Note that editor crashes aren't a complaint. We should of done more server resets and not had clients logged in while making live modifications... not really wise with the current setup on our part lol

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Mine is German for The... as in The Fool... the tarot card that is nothing, could be low...could be high...but the wildcard ALWAYS wins


it would really translate as Der.... but having a name with double meaning is fun

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