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C# Graphics & Audio Library


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Long story short, my project Xeris is getting to the point where I need to start working on rendering the game objects so I can actually see them processing on screen. I was thinking of going with SFML.NET but figured I would ask around for opinions first. Please keep in mind that being able to google information on how to use the library is a plus, as I am not too familiar with them.

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SFML is pretty good. I moved Intersect away from it to MonoGame when users with older machines (2008) couldn't handle the most basic of shaders and text rendering.


Switching to MonoGame for us provided many benefits. We can opt to distribute a DX powered build by default (the most compatible by far). We can try using their OpenGL template later for potentially obtaining cross platform play. It seems like general memory management is a LOT better in MonoGame. In the IDE garbage collection appears to occur more often (maybe being forced by the MonoGame Game class) but we had small fps hits in SFML when GC occurred and in MonoGame it's not even noticeable. 


Oh, and everyone who was having problems on their old 2008 machines can now use our client/editor :)

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