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Intersect Server Re-starter


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Intersect Server Re-starter

August 5th 2016


Today I'm happy to announce that if your server were to crash unexpectedly or you simply wanted to turn it off remotely without your host being active, you now can! The Intersect server re-starter is a secondary backup server run on your hosting machine that the Intersect server re-starter client can reboot remotely. The Intersect server re-starter client logs in using the account details from your Intersect game and can only be logged into with admin access. You may be wondering, why not use a VPS? The answer is simple, most amateur projects, or even projects yet to get a VPS want developers to have access to the server remotely without access over the whole computer (or the hassle of setting up a vps)! Here is the details on how to setup the server re-starter:



Place ONLY the server re-starter .exe file into the folder CONTAINING the Intersect server you wish to reboot.
Go into the resources folder and open Config.xml.
Underneath the code for the <ServerPort> tags (Default <ServerPort>4500</ServerPort>)
Add the following two lines and save:


  <ApplicationName>Intersect Server</ApplicationName>


Ensure that the <ApplicationName> is the SAME as your Intersect server's name.
Make sure that the <RestarterPort> is DIFFERENT to the <ServerPort>.
You will need to portfoward this new port, if you are unsure of how to do so,
check out one of our portforwarding tutorials.


The next part is optional, Place a shortcut of the server re-starter in your start up folder.
This will launch the re-starter when you reboot your computer, This is one of the options with this tool!


Distribute your stand alone server-restarter client to your trusted developers.
They will be able to securely log on (using their Intersect accounts) and manage your server remotely in case of emergency!


Download Link!


Stream VOD of programming the Server re-starter


We hope this helps you keep a more realistic 24/7 up-time! While we hope there to be no bugs in a vanilla Intersect in due time, certainly you all will experience bugs as Intersect becomes open source and everyone's making changes! As always, leave comments and suggestions below.


The Intersect Dev Team

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True, however its easier to manage logins sharing the Intersect database.


There was a minor case sensitivity bug, I've re-uploaded the files in the original post. If you downloaded this before this message was posted, replace the source files and the re-starter server with the one provided in the new download link in the original post.

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