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Help with creating guilds.



I would like your help; I don't understand how the Guild system works. I'm having trouble creating a guild. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide? If there's already a guide available, could you please provide the link, as I couldn't find one? I apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to someone's assistance! Thank you.

I apologize for my English; I'm using a translator!

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Creating a guild can be confusing at first.


First of all you need to create a player variable which will store the name of the guild, so it must be a String variable (for this turotial the variable is called Guild)




then, an "NPC" (event) which should show two options: Create and Delete, if the player selects "Create" you must use the Input Variable option and select "Guild" player variable, making sure to specify the minimum length greater than 0 and The maximum for this tutorial will be 10




Right after, you must use the Create Guild command, which will ask you for the variable in which you save the name of the guild




With that you will have the guild created.


If you did everything correctly, the name of the guild that you wrote when you created the guild will appear above the player's name.


I hope I have explained in the best way.

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