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Bug? HotbarSlotCount Modifications


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Just to let you know, if you reduce the HotbarSlotCount number in the Config.json file from the server side and then, if you want to put back some slots, it seems like you can't.

I find out that the hotbar.json file in the Layout folder from the Gui is not updating on the client side automatically.


I don't know if this is something you want to fix, but it's not a problem for me, since I work it manually.

Have a nice day!

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14 hours ago, panda said:

The layout JSON files do not automatically update to include more or less slots. This is not a bug.

I'm not entirely clear about what you are saying about the server changes, but if you think it is a bug, please file one.

When you reduce the number of slots, it does remove them automatically in the JSON, but when you want to replace a higher number (still below 10), it doesn't place the information back in the JSON.


But maybe it's not a bug, to let people play with the GUI freely.

Just wanted to let you know about that, thanks!

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On 10/13/2022 at 9:22 AM, SkySpeedXIV said:

maybe it's not a bug


This ^, we can't just re-generate more hotbar slots by code when changing the max amount value for them, the assets we provide by default are meant for 10 slots, if you want to add more, you will need to manually adjust your assets then, if you decreased and then increased them back to the default value, you will need to re-do the previously purged slots in the json layout file.

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