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Updating to results in pauses in player and NPCs crossing map boundaries



Hey, so I recently updated my game from and started having some problems. One of which is that both the player and NPCs (enemies) sometimes hit a brief lag when traversing between contiguous maps. This doesn't happen every time, but most times, and I haven't been able to figure out what determines whether this happens. I would estimate the pause as being between 50 and 200 miliseconds, so not very long, but enough to be noticeable. It's noticeable enough to really mess up the overall experience. 


I've been able to determine that this does *not* happen on a fresh map with nothing but NPCs and the player on it, so my best guess is that it's some event that's present in the adjoining map. I haven't been able to determine which event it is yet. It's hard to figure out because it affects NPCs as well as players, and the events themselves only affect players. 


So far the only lead I have on this is that it *might* be something to do with these warp-in and warp-out special effect events I have, since the update has also made those stop working correctly (I have been using a method of using an in-map event to trigger a common event to fade to/from black or white when the player warps through a door, and those aren't working correctly now either, but that might be better served in a separate topic).

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