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16x16 tiles config setup

Ainz Ooal Gown


Hey All,


Was just wondering if using 16x16 tiles is feasible?


I change the server config to the following:



  "Map": {
    "GameBorderStyle": 0,
    "Height": 52,
    "ItemAttributeRespawnTime": 15000,
    "TileHeight": 16,
    "TileWidth": 16,
    "Width": 64,
    "ZDimensionVisible": false,
    "TimeUntilMapCleanup": 30000,


However the fill button crashes the editor now. If this the right settings for 16x16 tileset?



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This issue has been around for a while with the eraser and fill layer tools and it is not related with changing the tile's size from the default values, but instead, related to the amount of tiles that the tools are required to fill/erase (Map's Height and Width in tiles), which are getting stack overflow exceptions for the tiles positions (int values for X and Y of each tile) as explained in this issue report from the engine's repo.





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