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Intersect Beta 7 Released

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Beta 7 Released




What's New?

Too much to list again here, see the follow dev blogs:


Dev Blog 1


Dev Blog 2





Back to Stable

Live games should stop using prerelease builds as they will become increasingly less stable as new features are added.


Unless you are ready for instability you should update to (stable) for your live projects.





Up Next!

Beta 7.1 will be promoted shortly from the development to prerelease branch. It will contain new features such as instances, guild variables, and layout hot-reloading but it is also expected to be a bit buggy for awhile -- you have been warned!

Beta 8.0 will begin development on the development branch when Beta 7.1 is promoted to prerelease, and will be moving Intersect to .NET 6.0, user-selectable language (with multiple language files), and breaking cleanup changes to configuration, localization and project structure.



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