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Suggestions for Item Previews?



I've been messing around with items/shops and getting feedback from some players that they would like to be able to preview equipment before purchasing/crafting/etc- I can't quite think of a good way to approach this, has anyone been able to change this around within the engine without having to make source edits?


My thoughts so far: 

  1. Checking to see if the item icon size can be changed (Within a server setting somewhere?) to appear larger in the mouseover window
    1. I'm worried this might screw up the UI, but I haven't checked server configs yet. It looks like the engine scales everything back down to 32x32?
  2. Running some sort of common event to pull up an image overlay, but I can't think of a method to have this work when the item is still in a shop, or sitting in a players inventory.


I'd love to hear some other thoughts on this, as I'm a little stumped on what the best way to do this might be. Thank you!

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13 minutes ago, Cheshire said:

I'm a little confused about what you want to preview here. Do you simply want to make the icon larger or actually show the player a preview of what the equipment would look like on their character?


I'm settling with a larger preview icon (That sounds more doable?) but in a perfect world it would be great to have something that can be previewed on the actual character before they purchased/crafted an item.

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Well, this is not a question but a feature suggestion, you could open a feature request at the project's git page.

As for the suggestion/request, i think that both are quite doable, but i would personally stick with the idea of previewing the equipment being sold/crafted while hovering on them at shops/craft table.

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