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Intersect Client of 32 bits



Hello, is it possible to make an intersect client of 32 bits? Some of the users of my game does not have an 64 bit pc, and i dunno how to make a client of 32 bits, if it is possible and you know how to make one i'd be very grateful if you teach me how! Or if it is not possible i would be happy to know that too. Thanks!

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4 hours ago, Cheshire said:

I was under the impression the client was compiled as anycpu?

It is, as is the server. The editor is the only binary compiled for a discussion architecture, and that's x86 (32-bit), not x64.


That said, I believe the client and server do not have library binaries for Mac or Linux x86. At least in the case of MacOS, x86 is dead and our dependencies no longer support it.

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