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Black Screen in only some players!! HELP



okay, ma game is in tests server phase, and i'm so happy with this,


But when i open the server, two players entering, just one can!

Because other player enter the map but in his PC is in a black screen for ever.

I'm conecting to start with my hamachi . So the two friends has connected, but i can play with just one player!

Then has netframework.4.8, direct X and open GL, 8+GBRAM and 64 bits system, but???????

the friend that play with me, is using my NETLANROUTER, and another player that cannot enter in map does not work, but this another player can create account, log in, and create your characters, but when start map, he is cannot,


What happens? 

I have to connect a onine VPN server service . to better my conections?

Have then download another drivers? or some file?

please help.

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so we have one possibilitie, my friend has windows 10 and i think the windows 10 has netframework installed.

As the intersect client want lastests version of the netframework,  i think my friend's pc has one old version, and because this he cant download and install a new version, do you know hot to proced?

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Okay, i sent to him to send for me the logs folder.


But one curiosity is in hamachi, when in the network ip list, the friend that can enter in server has the little green ball, (connected on my hamachi) but i saw the player that cannot enter, one little blue ball , (connected also) but what is the difference in HAMACHI when connected network has two different colors in my Network Friend List? (OBS - when friend pc is off, the little ball is grey)


Do you think this can say sommething bout that problem?

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