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Is there any way I can disable / disappear the game register button?




I found out how to make the registration button to disappear! my first change to the source. But it triggers a problem when I compile the client again or test through visual studio it doesn't connect to the server it says 'Bad Version' does anyone know how to solve this?


Another question is there any api for the website that creates the character in the game or does it just count? I couldn't find it.
If not, it's a future suggestion.

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When you compile the client, make sure you compile the server and editor as well as the connection key and version info changes when you do your own builds.

That's how you're getting the bad version message, it should disappear if you compile all three and use those executables.


Alternatively, you can hide the register button through the JSON UI layout files without recompiling the client.


As for an API command to create characters, I don't believe this exists. Accounts yes, characters it can only display if I recall correctly.

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You're awesome now appeared as an Online server and without the registration button!
I had also tried to make the json file disappear the record button without touching the source, but when I edited it just erased the graphic and there was still a gray button in the record. Can you tell me which json file I can make it disappear completely without changing the font.
But anyway, thank you very much! I was so happy that I was able to change something in the source. 

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