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  1. I just found out how I hide the button by json too. Thank you very much.
  2. You're awesome now appeared as an Online server and without the registration button! I had also tried to make the json file disappear the record button without touching the source, but when I edited it just erased the graphic and there was still a gray button in the record. Can you tell me which json file I can make it disappear completely without changing the font. But anyway, thank you very much! I was so happy that I was able to change something in the source.
  3. Hi, I found out how to make the registration button to disappear! my first change to the source. But it triggers a problem when I compile the client again or test through visual studio it doesn't connect to the server it says 'Bad Version' does anyone know how to solve this? Another question is there any api for the website that creates the character in the game or does it just count? I couldn't find it. If not, it's a future suggestion.
  4. I Find the problem. Although it is correctly configured in the editor. In the server's configuration file, it has not been activated. Resolved.
  5. Even though the reset radius is 8 even if I get further than that it still keeps following.
  6. I created an npc which is a monster everything is working normal. Except when i attack the npc it follows me forever. Is it possible for him not to follow me after a certain distance?
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