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Storm Of Conquest (A mmorpg made using minecraft as an engine)


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Greetings all, Draken here. I've currently been working on a minecraft server with a custom mod pack I made in order to add quest and a few other fun things to the game.


Im using the Feed the beast launcher for my mod pack.


FTB pack code: stormofconquest


Server IP:


Server RAM : 3.5 GB

Player Slots: 42


Mods in Pack:

Bibliocraft -Furniture

CrafGuide - Shows you craft recipes

CustomNPC - Full system to make RPG stuff, quest factions etc Also some furniture.

EnviroMine - Adds thirst, sanity, Body temp, and air quality. Also adds physics.

Hardcore Darkness- Makes darkness more realistic

LevelUp - Level skills up

Minecraft comes alive - Marry other players or villager and have npc children with them.

MrCrayfish Furniture - More Furniture

Secret Rooms Mod - Make hidden rooms and secret doors.

Smart Moving - Climb up walls, hang from ironbars, Prone and go threw a 1 block size hole.

Storage Drawers - More Furniture with better storage.


Plugins installed on server:

McMMO - Even More skills for you to gain.

McJobs - Make server cash by doing things

Essentials - /sethome, /spawn, and a lot more

GriefPrevention - claim land

SilkSpawners - pick up spawners or craft them

Treasure Chest - Plugin to make a chest each player can loot once or again after so long.


Screen Shots

Inside Bar




Outside at night near mining town you can see the effects of the darkness mod here.




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I'm looking for anyone who would like help build / make quest. Proof read the current quest (other guy who works on it can't spell at all, and I personally am not the best speller)


Kind of changing it up so the only place you can build at is plots you can buy. All the mats will be either bought or found in like a mine that regenerates the ore every so often.

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