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Sync Map Animations?



Animations play at different intervals on each map, meaning that animations don't sync up.

Anyone else come across this and have a solution to have an animation play on the same frames on different maps?

Here are three maps, each with the same wave animation, but each map starting the animation on different frames, making them out of sync.



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14 minutes ago, trollface said:

I really can't figure out how the animation auto tiler works. I looked at some posts on this forum, but they didn't help.

Do you have a link that could help me out, please?


Oh yeah its quite easy. Keep in mind I use time fantasy tiles at 48x48 but i dont think it should be any different.

A normal un-animated auto tile sheet looks like this:


An animated sheet, would have 3 sets of this auto tile, with three different frames:


In the editor, load the tileset with the animated auto tiles (put it in your tilesets folder) and select Animated [VX Format] (or whatever format your tiles are in, this example is VX, refer to RPGMAKER)

You can see the white border selected all three frames, now just use what ever tool to add them to whatever layer on the map.


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1 hour ago, trollface said:

I'm assuming that auto tiling doesn't work properly with 64 pixel tiles without some coding?

Tile size shouldn’t matter, you set the tile size in the settings and it will just splice the tile set into the correct tiles for that setting. Just make sure your autotiles are set up correctly to be used property in the editor. 

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