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Upgrade 7.109 ERROR (Again)



i already reported that the upgrade from 7.102 to 7.108 OR 7.109 ins't working, hope you guys fixed that in the future.

basically when i start the server for the first time from the upgrade it open, load the server status then fast closes alone. I don't know what to do, i dont want to lose my 300 players registred just to use a most recent version if that version doesnt work. 

In the logs there's nothing that can be read like a error so i am not posting here. If you want the logs just go to my topic that i already reported this, with a log.

You guys know how to update my game from 7.102 to 7.109 without using 'upgrade' from the downloads? 'cause is not working. 

When i tried to update from the PATCH version, the server works normally, but the client get this 'handshake error'...

server logs from the patch version:


Thanks in advance.


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Try updating your .net version to at least 4.7.1 on your machine. That error appears to occur on other games as well and in my experience that seems to fix it.


Something in the new method we handle packets in seems to not play well with damaged/older versions of the .net framework.

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Issues described are already known.






If upgrading .Net as Cheshire suggested doesn't help then you've gotta wait for the fix. If you want something more stable then use 0.6.2.


0.7.X is considered prerelease for a reason, as in it's not ready for release. Using that version comes with the risks of suffering from very serious bugs and idk when either will be fixed. (Keep in mind that 0.7.109 or whatever is working for most of us)

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