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Prerelease 7 packaging system



I was reviewing the commits in the prerelease branch and I see the approval of a PR that dealt with the basic encryption that had been added to the resources at the time of packaging and I thought it was already available but apparently it is not like that, there is some special step to use it?


I am testing in a clean version of prerelease 0.102 and when packaging I am marking the new check that is in the form but nothing happens, all the resources remain the same when packaging to create a new version.

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The package it creates is technically for updating, the editor can auto update as well which is why every single file is included.


For the client, you can delete everything in the /resources folder except:

  • gui/layouts
  • fonts
  • config files

And then you can put the 'packs' folder from the update into the client/resources folder and the client will read from those compressed & kinda encrypted files.

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