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Untested [6.2] Faction System


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[Git Patch]




Use this at your own risk, this changes a LOT of different aspects of the source code and I am NOT going to take responsibility if you break your upgrade path!

A future version of Intersect may or may not get an official Faction system, so don't say I didn't warn you.

there's also no guarantee this will work on your build as it was written against an in-development version of Intersect, you may need to fix conflicts yourself as I am not going to keep updating this every other day.


Descriptions: A basic feature of faction system. You can do your game between faction pvp ! 




Note: You should choose faction for pvp. If player don't have a faction server giving error.


Thanks to @Cheshire. I'm using her Guild System source.


Lets Enjoy !



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On 11/13/2020 at 9:38 AM, Cheshire said:

Could you perhaps show or explain what this does a little bit better? That event page screenshot doesn't really show how it works in general gameplay after all.

 When Guild System not set Guild Name variable to all players. And When a player dont have client gave error with pvp option on guild when faction all players have faction its np for pvp


All Bugs fixed and more features coming


Its a sample on intersectcms





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