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I am trying to develop an android game using MonoGame 3.8 and I am just a tad bit confused on how things work. The main issue is rendering the graphics. If I draw a 32x32 tile to the screen, it looks as if its 4x4 and very tiny. How are you suppose to draw graphics properly on mobile? If I were to do this on PC it looks normal. I was curious if anyone on here has had any experience on this and has any info about it. Thank you.

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On 11/12/2020 at 12:58 PM, Mighty Professional said:

Phone screens are pretty condensed. I do not know much about graphics but maybe 32 x 32 pixels on a 4k phone screen will not be big. Most of the time the images are stretched. Try setting the scale to 4x. Trying googling it though?


Yes, I've googled the problem first as I always do and it is one of the reasons I am on here asking now -- I had assumed maybe someone else had experience in writing android games. As I can tell, there is not much experience on here and this place seems more of a social gathering forum rather than strictly programming/game designing. Thanks for the response though.

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I'd say most people here are more familiar with how these game engines work rather than monogame specifically, especially platform specific stuff.


I wouldn't know either, to be honest.

Seems like a question more suited for places that deal with mobile development. 

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