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Story Apocalypse Project

Weylon Santana

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Apocalypse Project


Hello guys. I am creating this topic in order to publicize one of my projects. Since I already have the game Heroes Apocalypse (still under construction), I decided to create the Apocalypse Project as well. I have been using Intersect for some time now, and I am one of many here who do not know or understand how programming works, even after trying to study about it. So this project consists of creating a study platform for the Intersect, at affordable prices, because only the act of creating a mmo already has large expenses. Teaching is something I like to do, I am a teacher here in real life and I am trying to combine this gift with the act of creating games with Intersect. It's something I've done for free here and here, but, I want to work a little more deeply with this. In addition to paid courses, I will also offer free videos showing creations, making mistakes and trying to fix them, maybe a little behind my game systems and the like. Everything done with events for the reason I mentioned before. 


If you are a beginner, you are getting to know the Intersect Engine now, try to get to know the basic course I created thinking about everything that is necessary to present the Intersect to you in the first touch, while the documentation is being built.






I admit that my knowledge is limited, but I am trying to offer everything I know.


If you don't want to now, pay for some course. Access my page on youtube, sign up or follow the free lessons platform where I will be trying to recreate games or mechanics from other games using Intersect. Today I uploaded my first video. Videos will be demonetized and all will be at most 30 minutes (not to be so tiring).


Intersect Us
(a little joke with the name of the Intersect Engine and the game Among Us)


The Intersect Us web serie will be my first web series, focused on reproducing almost all the mechanics of the game Among Us (recent viral game), using Intersect and its basic resources. Only adding new items when really needed. Access my channel, subscribe and leave your opinion, or even leave your opinion here.

Among my goals is to have 1 imposter out of 5 players. Tasks for the innocent, being able to kill only for the murderer, not recognizing anyone by name (only for personalization), limited view of whoever enters the room, reproducing at least 3 sabotages (blinding everyone, locking rooms and killing everyone, being that third party capable of innocents preventing it), creating a room, voting moments, ways to win with everyone leaving the room, the leader of the room starting the game by teleporting everyone inside, and so on. The game will be very, very, very "lean" because the focus is on the mechanics and not on the beauty of the game itself.


I know I could do a lot and a lot more, but I'm just focusing on increasing and improving my knowledge with Intersect. A lot of the things I did, I know that you who are as experienced as I could do in other ways, I hope that with this topic we can also debate on this type of subject.


EP 1 - First steps.




Both in the courses/site, as in the videos I will try to cover the English and Portuguese languages.

I will update this topic as new videos come out and also new courses.


Thank you if you read this far. Any comment and constructive criticism is welcome.


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