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[Gamemaker] Youtube Tutorials

Little Pixel

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Here are some usefull Gamemaker tutorials

Some great tutorials for the very begginer, has a great on going series on making a Zelda type hack/slash RPG and many other tutorials on every aspect of gamemaker

Some great tutorials on alot of aspects of gamemaker, with a few more intermediate and advance tutorials to pick from.Β 

Another youtuber with good begginer tutorials, along with some unity, he also has a rpg development tool in development.

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Game Maker is surprisingly powerful. Sometimes it gets a bad rep because it was very basic in it's early days. But anyone who hasn't tried it in the last year should at least give it a spin, it has been used to make some really big indie games as of late such as Undertale. (But I get that its still limited in different regards :P )

Nice links :) Ive watched Heartbeasts tutorials before

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I never got into GameMaker simply because I've always been interested in MMOs rather than single player games, however these tutorials look really and nice and could prove beneficial to many members, thank you!

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