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Untested Widescreen resolution support


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Widescreen resolution support



This patch adds the following (widescreen) resolutions to the engine whitelist:

  • 1280, 800
  • 1280, 960
  • 1600, 1024
  • 2560, 1080


STRONGLY suggest you change the width of your maps to 42 tiles at a minumum using this modification, or set your server's config.json to "GameBorderStyle": 1 to prevent strange juttering and camera issues.


This same concept could be used to support 4K monitors, however you'll have to figure out a map size that works. (Make sure the total pixel count of two maps is always BIGGER by 1-2 tiles than your resolution in every direction!)





Git Patch:



Based On:




Download and apply the patch, then simple build your client and release it.


As stated in the description, I do suggest you tweak your map sizes. (Note that doing so will require you to wipe your maps!)

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