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The event works at 6.1 (229) when the update to 234 does not work



these two systems are connected to each other when opening the chest, the door is released, in version 6.1 (229)

works correctly as it should, however, when upgrading to version 234, it stops working!











observations: the only thing I did was to upgrade from 229 to 234. in version 229, the same system without changing anything, works correctly !!!

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15 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

Please translate to English for support. 

I'm sorry I didn't realize that I posted without translating!


15 minutes ago, wishy said:

cut and paste:


OMG, that was it !!! IT WORKED '-'
can you explain to me why it worked the way it was in version 229 and not in version 234?

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2 minutos atrás, jcsnider disse:

O evento morre quando as condições não são mais atendidas. 

and in version 229, wasn’t the same thing supposed to happen?
I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before, but I’m very grateful for everyone’s attention and help, thanks

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