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Concept Anterium Online

Minamoto Yoshitsune

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Anterium Online

Chap. 1. Enjoy the Ascension



- Anterium is the name of the local planet where the game takes place, within the vision of the game there are five continents, with only two continents available to play in the first chapter.

- In Anterium there will be no predefined classes, that is, the player will be able to use mixed equipment, use staff as his main weapon and equip metal armor, which in some games would be “Class lock”.

- In Anterium the player will choose a faction, each faction has its continent, so the open pvp between different factions will occur.

- In Anterium most of the maps are open pvp, with the exception of the big cities, the posts of the kingdoms and the maps conquered, the other maps have open pvp.

Note: On the conquered maps this is a system where it will have a double interpretation, the map is conquered by the faction, however there are other maps on different continents that are destined for a certain faction, we can call this map Neutral, as it is as if it existed a treaty between the post and the enemy kingdom.


- In Anterium, the intention is to minimally interfere in the players' actions, in this way we mean that within Anterium there will be multiple possibilities for player styles.
The SG Soft Team (Sky Genji Soft) is concerned with serving all styles of players but without harming other styles too much.


The player styles present in Anterium will be:




Missionaries: this type of player is the famous oldschool, one who likes to complete missions, participate in the game's narrative, learn more about the historical elements that surround the history of Anterium.
Hunter: this type of player is a more hardcore style, predominant in online games, they are usually looking for bosses, in Anterium hunters are highly valued since each boss has his unique drop, thus becoming a great way to keep in the game financially speaking.
Pirate: this type of player has become something common in the new mmorpg, it is the famous runner (rusher), the rushers are usually not stuck in completing the missions of the game, they go right to the action, kill the mobs and etc., in Anterium this type of player has a great appreciation and his hunts can bear good fruit.
Collector: this is the famous minecraft player (just kidding), this type of player is characterized by neutrality and is usually more active in the economic practices of games, in Anterium the collectors are of great importance because most of the items are built using collectable elements of the game.
Explorer: this type of player in most games are the famous content creators, as they are responsible for bringing information that few will have access to if they do not explore, in Anterium this type of player is super rewarded for their exploitation.


There are different modes of players, we do not want the game to be stuck in Anterium just to these modes that we mentioned, it was just an example of what to expect from the project.


- One of the great features of the project is to bring the sandbox world to the players, giving players maximum freedom to explore the whole project and its diversities.


A little bit of the game's historical storyline




Anterium is a planet with about five exploitable continents, each with its biome and its diversities, as far as it is known only three continents are inhabited, and the domination of these continents is divided into three nations, being the Uria's, the Panguai's and the Humain's.

Uria's and Panguai's live in constant war, both want to dominate the five continents, before the “Grandia Divisia” the three nations were one, today the Humain's are what remains of this tragic episode, each nation has its own philosophy, culture and politics .

In Anterium there is a great mystical aura that reveals great skills in its civilization, but do not think that there is only nationalized civilization, there are mystical societies that in a treaty called “Pact Salutis Foederi” predicted the non-combat between their civilizations, because the war it would be the extinction of life in Anterium, however not all of them carry out and small combats and attempts at invasions happen, but nothing to the point of generating a war between societies (Mystics x Humain's).

In the first chapter of the Anterium Saga - Enjoying Ascension, it tells the story of how this mystical golden age came about and why a large part of civilization has mystical ability, some members with greater potential, others with lesser reach, but all have some magical trait.

Within the first chapter the player will be able to get to know the entire planet of Anterium and its mystique, it will be able to join a faction and fight for its ideas, it will be able to embark on epic invasions whether they are on the ground or at sea, it will be able to mount its character according to your taste and change it whenever you want, making the game increasingly flexible and exciting, you can be a pirate acting as you please, you can be a merchant, you can be a bounty hunter.




A little about the available systems:




Production system set:

Construction: better known as Craft, it will be the central mechanism for the production of equipment, the stores in the cities will sell equipment as well, but they will be simple equipment that, to some extent, will not be enough to face the adventures that await the players.
Harvest: similar to construction, harvesting is where the player will be able to access foods that will directly benefit the player's status.
Alchemy: similar to construction and harvesting, alchemy is the means by which players created their potions, as an adventurer cannot leave without having his potions, the potions can in addition to recover life and energy, can add unique status to the player .
Enhancement: the enhancement system is the means by which the player will raise the status of his equipment.
Infusion: the infusion system is very similar to the improvement system, but instead of raising the status of the equipment, it will bring a status to the equipment, such as life theft, decrease in the recharge time of the skills, among others.


Skill Points: this is the system by which the player will gain access to the highest levels of production systems, which can be obtained through missions, up level, consumable items, etc.

Honor: point of honor is the means by which the player will stand out from the others in the game, because some items and titles will only be possible when the player reaches a certain honor score, the means to obtain honor is by eliminating npc in general and players on open pvp maps.

Soul Store: the soul store system is the means by which players can (if they choose) redeem special non-dopable items, that is, locked into the account. Alma points will be earned by eliminating npcs, killing players on an open pvp map, staying online for a while.

Personal Profile: as previously stated in Anterium we will not have a system of mandatory classes, but there is no way to say that players will not have a class, the profile system is the joining of profiles chosen by the player who defined a class nomenclature for your character, but that didn’t stop you from using equipment, it’s just a way to trace your character’s identity, all of these choices are flexible, that is, they can be modified throughout the game.

Transport: the transport system has a dual function, in the first moment it can be used as a means of locomotion for the player and in the second moment it is a means that the player can take correspondence to other places, taking packages containing specific items to a merchant in some city in exchange for some reward and so on.



Inside Anterium there is a server maintenance system, which is the means by which it will acquire resources to stay online;

The first server maintenance system is the premium, which is a distinction between players who contribute financially to the project.

There are two forms of financial contribution in the premium mode, the first of which is monthly subscription and the second is the purchase of the premium share.

The monthly modality is almost self explanatory, to have access to the benefits of the premium player he will have to pay an amount every month (Note: it is not auto renewable, that is, every month the player must go to the store through the website and renew your signature).

The premium action purchase mode is a “lifelong” way of accessing benefits, in this mode the player will pay a fee to obtain an item that is commercial within the game, this item will give access to all premium benefits for a single payment .




Set of Premiuns benefits:

• Premium Player: known as a VIP in many games, it is the means by which players who want to get a time advantage over other players, remember this is not pay to win, it is the means by which the server intends to maintain up, the benefits of the Premium player are:
EXP Bonus: when slaughtering npc the player will win a ticket that will provide him with an amount of EXP, another advantage is that during the time that the player is online he will gain an amount of EXP automatically.
Double Skill Points when leveling up: when leveling up from one level to another, players earn skill points, as a premium player will earn double points.
Double Honor Points: when eliminating npc and players in Anterium, players will earn honor points, in Premium condition these points are doubled.
Exclusive access to maps: some maps and cities in Anterium can only be accessed as Premium, this does not affect the game of non-premium players, premium maps only tend to make some game conditions more accessible, such as finding merchants, construction stations, farms, research posts etc.
Exclusive skills: within Anterium there is a progression of skills, they are classified into common and ancestral skills, ancestral skills can only be acquired as premium, this does not affect the games of non-premium players, premium skills tend to have a small readjust in your attributes.




Regarding equipment:
Within the first chapter of the game, although we have several slots of items available, not all will be used at this time. We will have thirteen item slots, but only ten will be available:

Fighting clothing and equipment:


• Head Items
• Breastplate items
• Right Hand Items
• Left Hand Items
• Footwear



• Rings
• Earrings
• Covers



Transport: transportation and correspondence equipment


Team and plans:

Team SG Soft (Sky Genji Soft)


Yoshitsune Minamoto




- Recruit members interested in the project.
- Finish the historical plot of the first chapter.
- Determine what resources will be used in the project (by vote)
- Open to the public to present ideas and suggestions for the project.


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