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[AOG] Equipment Based Skills

Ainz Ooal Gown

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This is very simple system, but seen a few people having difficulties replicating this system so thought Id make this tutorial. This system will allow a player to equip an item and have a skill/spell/ability assigned to them, and when item is unquipped the skill/spell/ability will be removed from player.






Equip and item (Anything that can be equipped by the player: Weapon, Armour, ect) and give the player a skill based on that item (Can give any skill or any amount of different skills).

Unequip the item will remove that skill from the player.










Create a Item

Create a Skill

Create a Common Event:

  1. Name the common event for what the skill/item is
  2. Make the event "Autorun"
  3. Set condistion like so:



Simple but affective :)



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I know this is old but it's something I'm using extensively so wanted to mention it here.


In a recent update we now have item based event calls that allow you to call a common event within the item. Two of which are "on equip" and "on unequip"


You can now do the same thing but without having to use an autorun as the trigger, thus not having an event needlessly running for every player.

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