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NPC vs NPC & Nameplate Questions



Hello friends,


I'm having some issues with NPC vs NPC combat. I want a guard to defend the gates to an area, however when using NPC vs NPC Combat lists the target I put inside doesn't get attacked.

Instead the guards name plate flash green and red when it sees the enemy and refuses to attack. I'd like the guards name to remain green so that players don't get confused about who's on their team.


Another slight issue is that some neutral enemies (the ones that arent agressive until struck) have white names until you get close, and then turn red. 

Is there a way to change the colored nameplates of enemies so I could set something up like this:




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Did you set the NPC to agressive?


To make a guard:

Set NPCs to Agressive (both Guard and Creature NPCs)


On Guard NPC:

Set a condition for "Player Friendl/Protection" (examples: "Level >= 0", or if you have factions "Var Faction = 1")


On Both Guard and creature NPCs:

NPC vs NPC is enabled enabled


On Guard NPC add all creatures/npcs you want the guard to attack.


On all Creatures/NPCs that the guard will attack, add the guard NPC to them.

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