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Eclipse Online Odyssey [WIP]


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Eclipse Online Odyssey will be a player driven game designed to be a drive/motivation for the Eclipse Community, Skywyre, and for me. The game will feature a sprawling open world with dynamic Npc relations, hidden crypts, impossibly hard raids and dungeons, and flat out lore-rich fun!


~A Diverse Crafting System~

Crafting in EOO will not be essential, but will be highly rewarding. Gold is not a common thing in the land of Cerratar. Merchants will pay quite handsomely for some quality crafted gear. Of course, crafting your own gear is beneficial as well, seeing as how the merchants also charge ridiculous amounts for basic gear...

~Low HP/SP Regen~

An added level of difficulty. You'll have to bide your time when engaging in fights. In great numbers, even the smallest of enemies can be deadly...

~Party Only Raids~

Now, make no mistake, there will be raids open to all, but there WILL be party exclusive raids as well. These will generally be more difficult but will also have better loot.

~Paperdolled Gear~

That's right. Every single piece of the vast armory will be paperdolled. With individual tints, every item will feel unique. How cool would it be to be walking around with a blood-red Reaper's Scythe? Pretty darn cool I would think.

~Flashy Display~

DX8 grants me the ability to make this game visually appealing.


Quests with integration of the Event System is sure going to be causing an uproar. This grants me the ability to make INCREDIBLY deep questlines where you'll actually care about the outcome.


Buddy up with your friends and form a Guild!


Of the many factions running amok in Cerratar, you can choose one to ally with. This will grant you a specific bonus depending on what faction you choose, and will also grant you passage to certain maps that would otherwise make you a sheep in a wolf's den.


Nearly every item you'll carry has a weight to it. Carry too much and you can't run! This is extremely dangerous, as some monsters can run faster than you can. If you get pinned down, you're finished...

~Ranged Combat~

Ranged combat includes Staffs, Wands, and Bows. Bows have ammo while magical bombardment does not. Even some NPC's can hit you with ranged attacks! Yikes!

~Spell Evolution~

If you use a spell enough, you can level it up! Each spell/skill has multiple levels and at max rank will grant a special bonus!

~Class Advancement~

At level 25, you will be given a choice of what class to advance to! Make your choice carefully as each class has it's own strengths and weaknesses!

~Streamlined Day/Night System~

The day/night cycle in EOO is impressive and crucial to gameplay. Watch as the day slowly grows darker and turn to night! The Night lets out some nasty monsters, so don't go randomly exploring in the dark!

~Stealth System~

Some skills can grant you the ability of Stealth for the allotted amount of time. Stealth allows you to pass through unseen by NPC's and Players alike! If you attack from Stealth, you land a Stealth Hit, a very powerful crit-like attack!

~Mount System~

Mounts are in! With two different types of mounts, Combat Mounts and Racing Mounts, mounts give a new fresh take and style to Eclipse Online Odyssey!


The land of Cerratar is a hostile, uncivilized wilderness shrouded in mystery. You are a Desticar, an individual able to freely determine their own fate. While the forces of the land wage war for the control of Cerratar, you are free to pick one to ally with and fight alongside them.

Your story is your own and each choice you make can greatly effect what becomes of you. Each playthrough your story can be different. Will you kill that bewitched farmer or try to save him? Which faction will you align with? What's more important to you: gold or favor?

Every choice you make (even the subconscious ones) can affect what can happen to your character in this game.

(So make the right choices ;))






~Latest News~

Hey there!

So today we're going to be talking about Mounts.

Mounts are a brand new feature that I've just added in today, but I'm quite excited about them!

Mounts are extremely useful in the game. Depending on your Mount type (Racing Mount or Combat Mount), mounts do different things.

~Racing Mount~

These mounts heavily increase your movement speed regardless of your stamina, however, they can only be used while outside of combat. With 5 different mount speeds, try and find the fastest mount you can to win races! Winning races will give you various rewards from EXP to nice items!

Racing mounts usually take the forms of Horses or Chocobo esc creatures. (and also goats and cows!)

~Combat Mount~

Combat mounts slightly increase movement speed while ignoring stamina, but they are not as fast as Racing mounts. They can be used in combat and even offer boosts to Armor and Damage (depending on the mount)

Combat mounts can take any form and at the moment include Bears, Dragons, and Tigers!

Well, that's all for today!


More info coming soon!


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I'm hoping to have a playable Beta in a month or two. This Beta will be opening with content up to the current level cap: 30. Every two to three weeks prior I plan to raise the max level as well make more content for an additional ten levels.

Eventually, I'll hit a 255 level cap with a monstrous amount of content. Then I can start working on end-game content.

Looooot of work hahaha.

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