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[AOG] NPC Kill Counter

Ainz Ooal Gown

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The ability to count a players kills by utilising the "On Death (for killer)" common event. This is a very basic solution and quick to implement.




When I kill a Zombie NPC this added a value of 1 to my Zombie Kill Count.



  1.  Kill a NPC/Mob and a value of 1 gets added to players kill count.
  2. Type /count in chat to display current kill count (Can be implemented with my "Journal system" to show count in a book or something other than chat from a command).






Can be used with a Journal System



2x Common Events(small)

1x Player Variable


First we need to create a Player Variable. I called mine "Zombie Kill Count".


Make sure the variable type is "Integer" and set a "Text ID":



Next we create a common event "Zombie Kill Count" that will be triggered when a NPC gets killed by the player.


Very simple event with no conditions or triggers, it only adds 1 to variable "Zombie Kill Count":



Now we can add the other common event, "Zombie Kill Check".


This common event is a command trigger which puts some text in the chat window to tell the player how many zombie kills they have (Instead you can have this variable display in a journal or somewhere else as a read out).





Command /count in chat window will run this event. The full text is:


You have killed \pv{zombiekillcount} Zombies!


\pv{zombiekillcount} is used to draw out the player variable we created. Add this anywhere in your game to display this variable.



Results. When I kill a NPC that I have the the "On Death (for killer)" set to "Zombie Kill Count" common event, then type /count into the chat window is displays the text we did in last step.






This is a very simple solution for counting a players NPC kills, this can be expanding to use on different types of NPCs such as counting bosses killed, ect.


Enjoy :)

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