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Player death?(Part 2)


I don't feel like this question was answered correctly the first time.....


How do you make a condition upon player death? Last time I was told and someone marked best answer as at the bottom left of the common event editor. However there is actually no "player death" condition. Closest is "respawn".


My dilemma is I want to warp a player to a "hell/underworld" map upon death. They would then do a quest before "respawning" in the normal world. However if I use "respawn" as the condition the player respawns then is warped to my "hell map".


Any suggestions? Or am I still missing this elusive "player death" condition? If I had a way to use HP as a variable I could make the condition with a switch.. .

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There is no way to do what you say. Only "patches" would be:


1) on respawn common event

2) set default spawn place to all classes to hell but on first connection warp the character to the normal world

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