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How to make it so larger sprites can be used



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You can't import a maps from an intersect project to another. Tgey removed the import/export feature in b5. But you could probably to that if both of them have a b4.9.1 version then export and importe them and update the project that you want to use to b5.


But that's is terribly long for nothing.

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Thanks for the responses. :)


So put in a 64x64 tileset for a character in the entities folder, but when I go to the character class screen, it does not show the whole image.

Does it show up in the game as 64x64?

Is there something I have to do to let the game know the dimensions of the frames for a given sprite and/or for all sprites?


Too bad about the import/export.  It could have allowed people to work on maps individually and just forward them.  I assume something about it just wasn't working out well.

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