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Class evolution



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If you want an item to do it.
Make a common event that has the class change in it with an option box. Something like this:
>Show Options[Do you want to change to class X, Yes, No]
   >@Yes :

      Change Class: X
   >@No :
      Exit Event Processing

Might wanna do some item management as well as items are still consumed even if they say no.

Make an item and call it class changer or w/e.
Make it be an event item and assign the Class Change event to it.
Boom, class change possible.

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17 hours ago, Gibier said:

Personnally i would suggest you do to an event that trigger when the player level up at a specific level. This way you won't have to make an item.

Actually that's what I ended up doing lol tho I have like a branch system so they have to use a /command

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