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Need Help Exorcia - looking for partnership


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Hi, I am currently working on a game called Exorcia which you can find more about here.


for even more info and screenshots Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW


While I am loving this creation so far, I definitely need some help as taking care of all the aspects of the game is kind of daunting.

Also I sorta need someone to keep me motivated and inspired as we discuss the game's design. 

I'm looking for:

  • Composers, Need some original unique soundtracks
  • Writers, my brain gets really tired trying to write the story and what not
  • Mappers, I make the tilesets, you put them to use? :53_cold_sweat:
  • Whatever other skills you might have I'm all ears. 



I am using the beloved Intersect Engine. 



Pretty much I am only working on the graphics right now, so graphics is all I have done. (Yay original graphics!)

As far as planning goes, I have everything figured out 8).



If you have a company  or studio for indie games I would very much like to partner up with one of those. 

if you're just looking for a new project to work on, come on in!

I'm not really looking for temporary volunteers (Although wont say no), if you want to join me in this task then you're part of the them forever 8).

I give big credits.


Please let me know if you have any questions. or if I missed anything I should have mentioned. I made this post after making 56 armor icons, so I'm low on brain cells right now. 

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3 hours ago, WereAlpaca said:

I would be interested in writing on a very part-time basis as I am with the Nightmare crew, have work and self study. However,  would be happy to get some dialogue/quests out and give input to creative writings and story structuring. 

Join the discord if you can! I'd like to discuss it with you :)



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I'm interested in trying my hand at making some maps. I got a project of my own but I feel like I could get some experience still, and I love creating small worlds.

I unfortunately can't work all day since I have to study and whatnot, but I'd love to help.

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