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Playable Labyrinth Hearts: Origins {Full Release}


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This game was originally created to showcase another ORPG game engine and was finished in 2015. It was also my first full release of a game before I went back to school. I won't lie, there is a lot of cringe in the below post and game. The purpose of the posting of the game is to show that anyone can make their own game if they spend the time and effort to do it. While this game is rough around the edges, I am releasing it in hopes that it will inspire you to make a much better game. It uses the default code of its engine (beside the random dungeons), and the graphics that are easily/cheaply available with personal edits done Richy and I.


Have fun and become inspired!


Development: Agoraphobic

Mapping: Richy and Agoraphobic

Programming For Engine Done by: JCSnider & Kibbelz

Coloring of Spell Icons & Logo: Vus


https://www.dropbox.com/s/rc3mcfkoy2sxb1c/labyrinth hearts.rar?dl=0







2015 Original Release Article




I am new to the forum and want to say hello! For the past year Richy and I have been working on a free to play ORPG game called, Labyrinth Hearts. I would love for the community to try the game out and give us some feedback and constructive criticism. I want to know what you liked, what you hated, and advice on improvements that can be made!

Currently Labyrinth Hearts is toting more than ten hours of gameplay at present;however, we opened the first three hours of gameplay to the public for feedback.

During testing we encourage everyone to enjoy themselves and feel free to explore every aspect of the game that is available. This is an opportunity for you as a player to give us critical feedback about the game. We want to hear: What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? What questions do you have about the game? What suggestions do you have? How can we improve? Although Labyrinth Hearts is still a work in progress, constructive feedback and criticism from you, as a player, is vital in improving Labyrinth Hearts.

My Love

I absolutely love Dungeon Crawlers, and consider myself a pretty avid Dungeon Crawler player. In addition, there's a second genre of games that I absolutely love. Although most people don't know my little secret, Romance Sims hold a special place in my heart. There is something magical about looting treasure, exploring distant lands, destroying countless legions of monsters; combining it with the strategy, fun, and emotional roller coaster from a Romance Sim, it would create an astonishing game. This was the inspiration for me to start work on Labyrinth Hearts.


Labyrinth Hearts is an ORPG Dungeon Crawler / Dating Sim. The idea behind Labyrinth Hearts is to combine classic dungeon crawler rpg elements and the story driven emotional ride in playing a Romance Sim and bring both genres to a whole new level.The game focuses on dungeon crawling in your spare time; however, it also has a secondary focus: Dating. Throughout the game you will find characters you can romance or befriend. By advancing through the story, dungeon crawling, and dialogue options you can eventually build a relationship with characters.


What Makes Labyrinth Hearts Different

There are a few core ideas that will make Labyrinth Hearts a bit unique and enjoyable for players. The game has almost all the standard dungeon crawling elements we have grown to expect from a dungeon crawler; however, with the ability to date characters it helps break up the grind as we watch love blossom from friendship. In addition there are several other features:

Story Driven Game
The game is designed to be extremely story driven. Every NPC has been painstakingly designed by hand to bring life to the game. You're rewarded for learning/reading the lore of the game, exploring, and enjoying the game. There is a main story; nevertheless, you're quite able to deviate. Thus you can play the game on your own accord.


Dynamic Worlds
Every one of your actions or inaction's dictate what happens in the world around you. Your choices might have dire effects for certain NPCS or can aid you later in the game. What this means is anything you do will either change the world instantly or might have an unseen long term effect on the world, be it for better or worse.


Companion/Romance System
The Companion / Romance System has been integrated into the engine, to create a very real and dynamic story waiting for you to discover it. During your time playing Labyrinth Hearts, you will be able to meet and recruit companions. Although the companions don't directly help you in combat, each companion is capable of bring a unique set of skills/abilities to the table for you. In addition friendly banter, and time together can deepen the bonds of your friendship and for some, can even blossom into a romance.


Cut-Scene Banter
During conversations with people you can befriend and romance, it will unlock cut-scenes at certain intervals. The more you talk to your NPCS and help them, the more they begin to like you. After a certain point you they will begin to fall in love with you and you both will have choices to make.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and giving the game a try. I especially look forward to feedback!

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