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[AOG] Alignment System Add On - Gaining/Losing Alignment Points

Ainz Ooal Gown

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This is a add on to the alignment system from this tutorial and is require for this add on to do anything:






As a player kills MOBs and NPCs in game they will gain or lose Alignment Points.

In my game I have 6 different types of MOBs and NPCs:

  1. Animals - Sheep, Pigs, Cows (Friendly MOBs)
  2. Creatures - Snakes, Bats, Orcs (Non-Friend MOBs)
  3. Monsters - Trolls, Orges, Giants (Non-Friendly MOBs)
  4. Demonics - Demons, Hell Hounds, Succubus (Non-Friendly MOBs)
  5. NPCs - Paul, Chris, Shopekeeper (Friendly NPCs)
  6. Heroes - Champion Of Light (Friendly NPCs)

Depending on what you kill will gain or lose alignment points. Such as killing a Monster will give you + Alignment, and killing a NPC will give you - Alignment.






First we need to make the variables


I enter a Text Id to display the value of the variable in the players "Journal" (Look at my Journal/Tradeskill Book Tutorial).



Now we have the variables time to make the "Common Events"


Each common event does the math based on the type of kill you did. Such as killing a "Animal" will Add 11 Alignment Points (which is not a lot), adds 1 to "Animal Slain" variable and adds 1 to "Evil Kills" variable. This is just how my game was structure, you can change the stats and the variables as you please.


I also add text to some such as when you kill a NPC test appears in chat saying "Murder" and also says to player they have lost some alignment.


I recommend you change below to the way you want it, as this is what my game uses :P














The last thing we need to do is apply these "Common Events" based on a MOB or NPC being killed by the player


When you create a NPC or MOB you just need to apply the "Common Events" at the bottom of the NPC Editor.


So this is for when a Orc is killed in my game which is a "Creature":





Now you should have events based on when a NPC or MOB is killed in your game and give or remove player alignment points.


Enjoy! :)

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