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This is an updater i made a couple months ago out of boredom. i have no use for it as i am going to be making one in C++!

This updater works off of 2 files. a Version.txt file that is uploaded to a website/ftp host and the updater will download it, and read the version of it. if the version in Version.txt is higher than the version of the client at that moment, then it will download the second file, which is a rar file. it only works off of one RAR file. i do this to: one, minimize network usage and two, to make it easier to create updates as instead of having to constantly create a new zip/rar file for each and every update, you modify the current one with the new files, change the .txt file and bam, you're good to go!

The updater also has a Work in background AND a run at Startup option as well under the options button. you can remove this if you wish.

This is known as a hash updater. meaning that while yes it will download the entire zip file, it'll also only extract files that have been changed, removing unnecessary replacing of files that just slow down the updating even more.


Here's a screeny of the gui. obviously since i am giving the source out, you can change the gui to whatever you want but it's all there!

http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/27b936603233187eda62666523a7249d.zip Here is the download as well.

If there are any issues with using it or you would like a tutorial on how to use it let me know! i try to aim to make sure everything is as user-friendly as i can get it.

- Growlith1223

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Thanks kibblez, it'll be somewhat like the updater you see here, but it will be fully written in C++. will be annoying but im going to have to figure out a way of parsing html files in C++ as there's no super easy way of doing it xD

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