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Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke

Beefy Kasplant

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Hi all, 


Welcome to my randomized Nuzlocke of Fire Red.


Everything is random, from Pokemon types to move pools to base stats. Weedle could be a Dragon type with Mewtwo's base stats and be able to learn Hyper Beam. I've also slightly increased the difficulty by increasing the levels of trainer's Pokemon



If a Pokemon faints, they are can't be used in battle anymore

I can catch whoever I want in a route until I fail to capture a Pokemon. 

Once a gym leader is beaten, I can catch all Pokemon in previous routes. 

Use of items in battles is allowed.

Battle style is set, so I can't switch in Pokemon to counter the type of trainers. (Not that I know the types anyway)



Attempt 1:


Meet Dash, a young boy with a dream,  a dream to move out of his tiny town with only 2 houses and no cute girls his age. Hell, even a town with a school would work for Dash. 

Of course, the only way to leave town is through the tall grass in which Pokemon reside. Luckily the crazy scientist next door offered him one of his three Pokemon. Dash' neighbour Source was unhappy that his very own grandfather clearly liked Dash more. Dash had the first pick: 










Clearly, Dash went with the mighty dragon type Golbat. 


Let me introduce Bad Man to you. The Dragon / Ice type Golbat with the Sandstorm ability 





Eager to test his new Pokemon, Source immediately challenges Dash to a battle. 



Turns out that Castform barely gets hurt by the only damaging move of Bad Man, Silver Wind. 


Payday and Constrict are Normal type moves and can't hurt Castform. 



It also doesn't help that Bad Man gets damaged by the Sandstorm he whipped up himself..


Castform chips away at Bad Man's health by using Water Pulse until...








Bad Man gets confused by Water Pulse and offs himself. 




Thus ends the first adventure of Dash.


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Dazed and confused, Dash woke up from his fever dreams. Ice / Dragon Golbats? Seriously? 


Oh shit! It's 10 am! Dash exclaimed while he stumbled to put on his Pokemontm Trainer Pants.


Dash quickly ran to the Poke Prof's office to claim his very first Pokemon! What a joyous day! 



While late, Dash was still able to snatch a Pokemon:



Rampage, the Water / Electric Ralts, holding leftovers. 



Its stats just scream RAMPAGE, but fear not, he won't be able to self destruct because of his Damp ability. 


Of course, his moveset was not lacking either: 





Dash couldn´t wait to start his epic adventure with his newfound friend Rampage and was happy to accept the challenge of Source. 


Dash was eager to find out who Source had chosen


Dash couldn't be happier when he saw FUCKING SLAKING.



Slaking was faster and used Ingrown, ensuring that the abysmal damage that Cross Chop did was mostly negated the next turn: 




After that, Slaking used Swagger and confused Rampage. 


Another Cross Chop, and the Leftovers ensured Rampage stayed at full health while Slaking took a bit of damage. Things were looking up again! 


Out of left field, Slaking used Vine whip, an attack that's super effective against Ice type Ralts'. 


Still confused, Rampage was able to hang on and tried to deliver one more Cross Chop.


Fun fact, the Damp ability does not work when you self-destruct by Cross Chopping yourself in the face. 



Rampage split his own face in half and in the confusion knocked out Dash as well. 





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