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Getting Input from a Quest



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 If possible ...


have two options
Do it on a regular event or common event


  1. make an event in the initial zone
  2. Put the trigger on "when logging in"
  3. add a conditional (if the player is lvl 1 or lower, execute the event)
  4. Ask a question with 3 possible answers
  5. set a class for all the answers
  6. Upload the player LvL and you will make your event.


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For do it with a common event:


  1. Make a new common event
  2. Add a conditional (If player lvl are lower or equal to 1)
  3. on "If" section make the question with your 3 possibles answers
  4. set a class for all answers and lvl up the player below that
  5. set the trigger on "On login"


And you'll done the event n.n

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On 2/27/2019 at 5:46 PM, MMOGuy said:

Hi there  on start in the game i want the user to walk up to a npc and the npc ask him 3 questions which he has to answer and then it will give him a new class based off what he chose



Is this possible?

Do you mean multiple questions and then decide which class he should be based off his 3 answers?

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