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  1. MMOGuy

    how to equip spells

    ok i figured that out and made one but how do i use the spell once made?
  2. MMOGuy

    how to equip spells

    i made a spell but i dont know how to equip them any help sorry for all the questions
  3. MMOGuy

    how to equip items

    it wont let me pick it up https://imgur.com/a/TXYKRY3
  4. MMOGuy

    how to equip items

    i dont see it can you post a picture if you dont mind thankyou
  5. MMOGuy

    how to equip items

    I made a item but cant figure out how to drop it on the map for the user to pick it up any help?
  6. MMOGuy

    Getting Input from a Quest

    Thankyou so much for that but i still don't understand cause its in Spanish is there any way u can show me in English? im very sorry
  7. Hi there on start in the game i want the user to walk up to a npc and the npc ask him 3 questions which he has to answer and then it will give him a new class based off what he chose Is this possible?
  8. MMOGuy

    Overlapping Tiles

    So when i lay down a image in the level designer some images are pure black and overlap the layout and make it look disgusting how can i make the map blend together with the default assets and make it look nicer?
  9. MMOGuy

    how to add a npc

    Hi guys i cant figure out how to spawn a npc any help?