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Intersect Security

Weylon Santana

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Guys, has anyone figured out any way to protect the game files?
It's sad to have no security, I feel naked.


Today some good players have had the wonderful idea of deleting the world's trees so they can see what's hidden behind them. Fortunately there was nothing much in the world, I have not thought about it yet, but if you think this imagine other games.

Is there no way to protect our content within the resources folder?
[Another reason is also why I know one or two people in the forum who are downloading games from here to get their content. Paperdolls, characters, tilesets and etc ... Anyone can do this, would not like it if they did me too]

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We've discussed this multiple times before that anyone with even a little determination and about 30 minutes will be able to break any sort of asset security we put into place, as even the most complicated and expensive solutions that are actively evolving get broken given sufficient time (there's at least one company that dedicates themselves to this, and their solutions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if I recall correctly). Because of this, it is not even close to being an active priority.

We agree that something is better than nothing to deter the least determined, but this is a complicated and time-consuming feature that just is not as important as everything else, given that it's akin to trying to patch a gun shot wound with a bandaid and calling it a day.

I don't know if Molebox falls under the category of software that would help hide the entire application directory on disk (via an installation process or unpacking every time it is launched), but it would be extremely easy to circumvent if that's the case.

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19 hours ago, buu said:

Molebox just packs the files you want into the client, like you said if someone really wants to break in, they can.

Well, for now we use the jc launcher to hide the client inside some folder in the system. What is not functional anymore is already a beginning of something.

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