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WIP Arcwyre


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Hello again AGD! It's been some time since I've posted here or made Arcwyre's development status public, and today I get to show you all why!

Over the past months me and my team have put together something I am truly proud of and I feel like we've finally found that spark we needed. 

So, without further ado, lets get into the meat of it all!



A few of you may remember Arcwyre in it's early development stage being created with Intersect. Sadly, despite my love for the engine and it's creators I hit a wall. I felt as though what I wanted to achieve was outside of the scope of Intersect, so I spent many long hours of research to find the best tool available to me and my team. We settled with an amazing GSE called 001 Engine. With this engine I have been able to achieve things I never dreamed of due to my inexperience in programming. Due to this, Arcwyre has been completely reimagined into a game where I can fully express my creative desires as well as work in a flexible and somewhat familiar environment.



So, What is Arcwyre?

Arcwyre is an action packed MMO that defies many of the genre's stereotypes. We have combined the feeling of accomplishment accompanied by MMO style progression with the fast-paced and skill based combat of MOBA's. All of this takes place in a gorgeous, 2D retro styled, open world where danger is around every corner. 

We hope this fusion of 2 very popular genre of games will resonate with many of you who bounce between games like WoW and LoL. Enjoy the best of both worlds in one experience! 




In Arcwyre, we wanted a more intense experience than the casual point and click MMO so we implemented a full, open world, PvP system. If you leave the safety of a house or Haven you can be attacked and attack anyone you see. If PvP isn't your cup of tea you can also enjoy intense PvE dungeons where your sick Skill-Shot abilities are put to the test against powerful bosses, and your mind is tested with mind bending puzzles, all for the promise of great loot like cosmetics, Glyphs, and shiny new gear! Even slaying other players in combat will award experience and loot boxes you can use to progress your character and prove your dominance in the world of Arcacia! 


Now, you may be saying "how is getting slaughtered by high level characters at level 1 enjoyable!?" We thought of this too.

In Arcwyre your level does not determine your power, but instead acts more like a milestone, or prestige. Higher levels grant access to rarer cosmetics, more interesting Glyphs, as well as a few other cool features that wont be discussed quite yet. 


What all of this means is that you can download Arcwyre 100% free and jump right into the action on the same playing field as everyone else.

The only factor that will determine whether or not you win in a fight is your skill alone!




Completed features:

Free 8 directional pixel-based movement

Mouse based aiming and skill shots

Full server console

Dungeon Finder to queue into groups

Amazing particle effects

Sprite skeletons allowing for more in depth animation

Full screen with customizable resolutions

API integration

Fully encrypted graphics, music, sound, and data

Anti-Cheat system

Complex boss framework allowing for intense boss fights with hundreds of different capabilties

Open world with seamless transitioning

Customizable Processing Radius to help low FPS players run the game more smoothly

More I'm probably forgetting to put here


WIP Features:

Massive open world containing over 800 maps

Nation system where your allegiance affects your PvP status with other players

Massive scale Nation Wars

Steam Integration

Mac/Linux compatibility

(Possible AGD integration, allowing members of the forums a special rank for being part of the community that jump started this whole project! Depending on JC and Kibz)







Snippet of starting area:



Shiny new UI:





Mouse based aiming for skillshots



Pixel Based Movement:





Coming soon.




Development Process

Before, during Arcwyre's Alpha, I had some major flaws as a developer. I was focused on the wrong aspects of development, I was much too focused on player approval, and I had a massive issue with transparency. After some reflection I feel like I can improve in all of these areas and create a better experience both for myself and my team, as well as the players who follow and support us. To better accomplish this I have set myself on a strict development schedule with days devoted entirely to community updates, accepting player feedback, and reflecting on the current status of the game and what can be improved. I hope that this will create a more welcoming environment for old fans and new and help us move towards releasing this game for all of you to enjoy.




Thank you, AGD!

At the end of the day none of this would have been possible without the support of @jcsnider, @Kibbelz, @panda, and all of the members here who supported Arcwyre in the first place and renewed my love for game development. Without this website or the Intersect engine I would have gave up on my dream of game development long ago.


As a side note, I have not forgotten about those of you who have donated to Arcwyre. I'm sure many of you were upset when the game closed and felt like you have thrown money into a fire, but I would like to assure you that this is not the case. I still possess a list of every single person who contributed to Arcwyre and you will all be receiving in-game, as well as out of game, rewards for your contributions.





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