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Need Help VB6 Scripter for my Eclipse (CS:DE) source


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Dear readers / community,


I'm looking for an 'experienced' scripter who is able to pull off a few tasks for me within my Crystalshire Developer Edition (CS:DE) source:

- Change Character and NPC sprites size from 32x32 to 64x64.

- Create player-to-player trade function (graphics is done).

- Help me to modify the Inventory, Bank and Shop interface graphics a little (few minor things).

- Fully implement a "Multiple characters per account" system.

- Create an "game updater" system for patches.

- Fix a bug inside the Map Editor which causes the client to crash when you try to edit the X and Y map sizes.


I am hoping someone is willing to help me out here, I know there are loads of Eclipse projects around with similar systems, and I dont mind if you'd use them as a base for the above mentioned systems from other sources, as long as it isn't scripted by a 14 y/o and will result in FPS loose or bugs due to their lack of knowledge!

I am willing to provide a compensation or payment if I find a seriously, decent and communicative candidate willing to do the above :)


Yours Sincerely,




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