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Dev Blog 09/30/2015 - FPS Optimizations


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FPS Optimizations

Dev Blog 09/30/2015


It is nearly impossible to show, but I have spend the night optimizing everything in the Intersect client. If you look at my previous screenshots you will notice my FPS hovering around 70, that was full throttle on my gaming rig. As of now, we are sitting pretty between 800 and 900fps on the same machine, same spot, wider resolution.

Camera movement has been adjusted and smoothed out for the best roaming experience in games as well. I will update this in a bit with results from my tiny laptop with no gpu instead of my boss desktop.

Content/Show Off


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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So how did the test perform with an inferior machine?

A question for ya.

What type of map file is utilized by this engine? Xml? Also, how are maps handled? Small zones only, large maps?

The reason I'm asking is that I have a nice world created for a private server I created years ago, and I'd like to go ahead and start modernizing it, updating the graphics, etc, so that I'm ready to go when this engine drops.

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Keep up the nice work guys! Can't wait till it gets released. Actually stopped working on Orion cause I don't like VB.NET that much compared to C#..

Vb is what has turned me away from these types of projects for years. It's such a breath of fresh air to see a project done in c#!

Can't wait to get rolling!

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Alright here are stats from my Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. It has 8gb of ram and an Intel I7-5600U processor with intel integrated graphics. (As bad as you can get!)

Running in a full area at 1920x1080 I'm getting between 70-80fps.


In other less demanding areas I am seeing FPS rise about 120.


Running a reasonable 1366x768 resolution I am nearing the 200 mark.


Not too bad, still a little room from improvmen. Vsync will easily be achievable in all situations.

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