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need help with quests!



i've tried reading some of the guides here but the ones i've read include quest markers and other confusing instances, and i'm sort of getting confused


i have some questions alongside a few pics to provide...



1) Can someone make me an example gather/kill/and just a 'talk' quest please? it'll make quests straight forward for me in the future.

2) Can I create quests without having to use the Event area, such as creating a quest, placing down an NPC, and putting a "Quest" icon or something attached to the NPC?

3) How do I create an "Accept/Decline" style event attached to the quest?



I'm very confused and I appreciate all the help. Thank you in advance everyone :)


here are some screenshots of what i've tried..





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Alight ill try to make this as easy as possible...


First lets look at a basic kill x monsters and return to npc

for this i use these settings.




Next we need to make the NPC that gives the quest, in this case its the same npc we return to.

Create an event somewhere on your map. These are my settings.



You can see the level requirment is for the first page, since the quest requires level 2 or higher we make it so they have to be 2 or higher, the first page is a placeholder before the quest can be started.




Page 2 has a requirment that checks the quest requirment, and you can see if it can run the page then it will show the quest window with the start quest command.



On the next page we set up the progress text



So if theyre still working on the quest the npc tells them to hop to it!


Next we make it complete the quest.



As you can see, the requirment is that theyre quest progress is set to retun to farmer the event driven part. In the event we do a conditional branch to check progress and if yes then we give the rewards, the rest is just if you want to display what they got. Dont forget to add the complete quest and end quest to the event.



The quest markers are another story and there is a tutorial on this forum for it, i will link it in a min.



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